Walled kitchen gardens in Cherwell

Broughton Grange

Broughton Grange is south west of Banbury.

Historically, the 1st ed. OS map published in 1892, shows an irregular square, productive walled garden with trees and two small glasshouses. There was a pump to the north of the garden, 50 metres to the east of the house with planting of deciduous and coniferous trees in between. The 2nd ed. OS of 1900 indicates an additional pump to the south west of the garden and a building to the centre, west. Extant is a tennis court in the original garden and part of an original wall.

In 2000, the landscape designer, Tom Stuart-Smith, was commissioned to transform the field to the north of the original garden into a new walled garden, with two walls west and north, and the east and west sides edged with clipped trees. The new Walled Garden is a three terraced garden covering 5313 square metres, positioned some 69 metres from the house. There is also a rill leading to a central stone tank. Broughton Grange also has a knot garden, wildflower meadow and arboretum.

Degree of completeness
Old garden, poor; new garden, good.

The garden is a private garden but is open every Wednesday from May to September and for the National Gardens Scheme and other charities.