Walled kitchen gardens in Cherwell

Bucknell House

Bucknell is a village four kilometres west of Bicester. The present manor house was built in the 17th century with alterations in the 19th century.

There are two sites of walled gardens at Bucknell House, the two part productive garden and the ornamental garden. There is map evidence of a productive garden at Bucknell House from the 1st ed. OS map (1881), which shows one long rectangular garden with an additional smaller walled garden to the north. The garden has a perimeter path and a central path running north/south with trees to the south.

Extant are the four walls of the larger garden, while the northern part is ruined. The garden is grassed or derelict.

The is also evidence of an ornamental garden at Bucknell House in the 1st ed. OS map, which shows a rectangular walled garden, with the south wall of the house indicating the north boundary of the garden. There is an additional area to the east of the house included inside the west wall. It is effectively a five sided polygon with an interior angle or L shaped.

The historic path layout reveals a perimeter path, passing in front of the house, leading to the house entrance and to a possible gate in the south west part of the garden. There are trees and shrubs in wide borders around the garden; one small walled enclosure within the garden at the north east corner; one glasshouse in the south east corner inside the garden; four glasshouses outside the garden wall in the south east corner, on a west/east orientation; one building against the wall on a west/east orientation and one building on a north/south orientation. There are various other buildings north of the house and spring. The area with glasshouses is some 1395 square metres. The glasshouses and buildings were extant in 1900 and 1922.

The current Landline OS shows a north wall running east from the house and a small enclosure; an east wall; a south wall and extant buildings on the outside wall in the south east corner. The garden is currently laid down to grass and trees.

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