Walled kitchen gardens in Cherwell

Caversfield House

Caversfield is a village roughly two and a half kilometres north of the centre of Bicester. Caversfield House is now divided into apartments and partly available for hire as a location.

There is map evidence for Caversfield House's walled garden in the 1st ed. OS map of 1879, showing a rectangular productive walled garden with no paths marked but trees around the perimeter in cruciform planting style. The house was to the east of the garden, and the garden was probably obscured by buildings with a church and graveyard to the south.

The area adjacent to the east of the garden had various buildings, with five showing against the outside east wall and other buildings all around the perimeter apart from one small length on the south side of the east wall. The map shows one other building on the outside of the north wall, plus two small glasshouses at the west/north corner of the garden.

The 2nd ed. OS map of 1899 shows a glasshouse against the north wall inside, plus additional buildings to the area outside the east wall. There is also some demolition to enable a possible turning area for carriages/cars and creation of a courtyard with a gateway arch. The 3rd ed. OS map of 1922 shows an additional glasshouse in the north east of the garden in the proximity of the extant one.

The current Landline survey shows a productive garden in two parts, with glasshouses on the north/east wall. Caversfield House is now apartments and a location site, the courtyard/stables area is now tenanted and it is unclear as to who has access to the garden.