Walled kitchen gardens in South Oxfordshire

Checkendon Court

Checkendon is 10 kilometres west of Henley. Checkendon Court is 17th century and was extended by Guy Dawber in 1920.

The 1st ed. OS, 1877, depicting Checkendon Court shows a square garden to the south of the buildings and a rectangular garden to the west of the buildings. The path layout at this time reveals a north/south path in the rectangular garden and no paths or trees in the square garden.

From the 1st ed. OS map, it is clear that Checkendon Court and Checkendon Farm are adjacent to each other, with the church to the south east and the bowling green to the north. The farm and court buildings are set central to the land. There is a rectangular area walled to the west of the buildings and the square area is walled to the south of most of the buildings.

The 2nd ed. OS map of 1898 shows a reduction in the number of buildings and no indication of the existence of Checkendon Farm, the whole is now only identified on the map as Checkendon Court. The western rectangular garden is no longer existent, while the square garden to the south is now planted with trees. The 3rd ed. OS map of 1913 shows an ornamental garden to the east of the house and a pond to the south east. There is a walk to the south at the edge of the garden, within the wall. There is a small glasshouse in the garden to the south of the house and a building. The square garden is no longer defined but the walls to the east of the garden are rebuilt to a rectangular shape, enclosing an ornamental garden and redefining the approach to the house.

Extant, according to the current Landline OS, there are south and east walls (the west wall, if extant, is obscured by trees). There is a bowling green to the north west of the house and a walk/avenue to the south of the house, plus an ornamental garden to the east of the house. The shape of the bowling green is still visible from the aerial image (possibly edged with a low yew hedge). A yew walk to the  north east of the garden is extant and on the south boundary edge the walk is extant. The gardens are divided into parts with many yew hedges and there is a wood of mature trees to the west of the garden. The pond is now a swimming pool.