Walled kitchen gardens in West Oxfordshire

Bampton Deanery

Bampton is seven kilometres west of Witney in West Oxfordshire. The Deanery is a private house, near to the church in the village.

The reference to The Deanery in the 1876 1st ed. OS map shows the garden as a productive walled garden in two parts, close to The Deanery and Deanery Farm. The north part is tapered rectangular with a rectangular pond, while the south part is an irregular rectangle with regular paths and a small building in the south east corner. This part is bordered on the west and part of the south side by a canal leading to the mill at Shill Brook.

The 2nd ed. OS of 1899 shows some change to the north wall of the north part and that the pond has become smaller. By the 3rd ed. OS map of 1921, the north wall has gone. The current map shows the canals bordering the south part are gone. There is no evidence of walls surrounding the south part. The north part is now an ornamental garden with a pond and the south part is now grassed over.