Walled kitchen gardens in West Oxfordshire

Caswell House

The manor house and associated barns were built in 1500 and have 17th and early 19th century alterations. The house is now two dwellings and the barns are used for a wedding venue. Caswell House is in the village of Curbridge, on the south west outskirts of Witney.

The 1st ed. OS map of 1880 referencing Caswell House shows a productive walled garden in an irregular rectangular shape. The historic path layout on that map shows the garden south of the house with a perimeter path, trees and a central path with north/south axis. The garden north of the house has perimeter and cruciform paths and trees and the garden west of the house, the largest garden, has trees and smaller paths but it is not walled. Walls remain at the north end of the west wall and there are buildings to the east of the house.

The 1880 map shows the garden has a moat on three sides (north, west and south), and the house is integral to the enclosure on the east side and part of its T shape structure divides the north and south gardens. There are numerous buildings in a separate area to the east of the house. In the garden north of the house, there is one small building at the end of the west wall, built through to the outside side of the wall and one building in the north part of the garden away from the perimeter wall.

There was little change in the gardens from the first to the third ed. OS map in 1921. The barns are now a wedding venue and there is a new walled garden, in the area to the south east of the house.

Caswell House's barns are a wedding venue but the house is a private house.